jj Abrams movie U.S.S. Enterprise Model

jj Abrams movie U.S.S. Enterprise Model

Thursday, 29 August 2019

The Final frontier? my last build! Polar lights 1/350 USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 refit

Here is my last commission build that i have done for a client, this was a challenge with many ups and downs along the way and took the best part of 6 months to complete!
This is the Polar Lights 1/350 scale kit with additional aftermarket parts to make it more screen accurate! as requested by my very patient client.
I have used a Tena controls board for the flashing nav and marker lights, plus this board also controls the power up mode from Orange impulse to Blue warp speed mode and the nacelles lighting Purple, other parts used are Paragrhix photo etch set-HDA modelworx impulse engine and warp nacelle mag grills and HDA decals for the "strongback" and last but not least is the new masking kit by "MaskDesign" to achieve the intricate multi colour shimmering Aztec's using PearlEx pigment powders, this effect is just about right because they are not over done and do not make it look too busy.
Orange impulse mode
Blue Warp mode

Ratheon effect spot lighting and iridescent colours shimmering  

Monday, 7 May 2018

USS KELVIN 1/1400 resin model kit

STARCRAFTS USS KELVIN 1/1400 resin model kit 9.8” long

This is a modified model of the USS KELVIN from the 2009 Star Trek Movie directed by JJAbrams, built for one of my regular clients who requested to have this model lighted! Easier said than done as this kit is solid resin with no clear parts, so I set about drilling and carving out trenches to run the cables and fibre optics, I recast some parts in clear resin for lighting which are the impulse engine grill / deflector dish / front and rear part of the warp nacelle, as the model is small and the windows are microscopic my client suggested using glow in the dark paints? Which actually work very wellJ.
I custom made my own Aztec masking and all paint is airbrushed on except the glow paint.

Nice kit with crisp detail and easy to assemble with no modifications, however it is not without faults, for example parts are distorted in places which is probably due to manufacturing process, this could be either the moulds have become worn or the casts have been de-moulded too soon before they have had time to properly cure/set.
The model is powered by a 5v DC power supply, and a dome base used.
Here is a video link showing it working in different lighting: https://youtu.be/XkwymuUA2ko

Last picture shows just the glow paint lights.